There are currently several types of phony emails being sent to unsuspecting eBayers in an attempt to steal their ID and password. They all have the official eBay emblem with a return address of eBay. COM---BUT THEY ARE NOT FROM EBAY!
Here are the 3 types of phony emails I have seen:

Type 1--'this is a security check so please give us your email id and password'

Type 2--'you need to update your eBay account so please go to our website' (and give us your id and password at our phony website)

Type 3--'you just won or have been chosen to enter our ebay contest' (so please log in and give us your id and password)

BEWARE OF ANY EMAIL FROM eBay. COM IT COULD BE A SCAM--EVEN THOUGH IT HAS THE OFFICIAL EBAY LOGO ON IT!  And keep an eye on your eBay account to make sure no one else is using it.